John Colter Day, Grand Teton National Park


John Colter Day

John Colter, likely the first European in the area in 1807-08, is honored during festivities in mid August. Stop by the Colter Bay Visitor Center to see more about john Colter and the area during his time. Read More

  • Free to park visitors
  • Events at the Colter Bay Visitor Center

Overview: Grand Teton National Park will offer programs during the week, including demonstrations of the lives of mountain men of the 1800’s, discussions on John Colter’s contributions to the exploration of the American West, and tipi demonstrations.

When: Mid June.

Where: The Colter Bay Visitor Center

Fees: Free to Park Visitors

Details:  Colter explored the greater Yellowstone area during the winter of 1807-08, and was likely the first European to travel the region. Colter Bay, on the northeast shore of Jackson Lake, is named in his honor. Find more information on the Grand Teton National Park website.

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