Shoshone Days, Grand Teton National Park


Shoshone Days

Join the park service at Colter Bay to learn about the Shoshone Native American history during Shoshonean Days. This celebration includes video presentations, demonstrations and talks by Shoshone tribe members. Read More

  • Shoshonean days are held in early September each year
  • A FREE two day event for everyone 
  • Art, stories and video presentations on the Shoshone influence n the area

Stories, videos, art and discussions with Shoshone tribe members give you a glimpse into the history and culture of the Shoshone tribe of the Teton area.

When: Held for two days in early September each year.

Where: Join the celebration at Colter Bay Visitor Center

Cost: The Shoshonean Days are a free activity for park visitors

Details: Stop by and see interpretations of the rich history and present day influences of the Shoshone people who made their home in the Grand Teton National Park area. This tribe hunted and lived seasonally in the Teton range area and left behind artifacts that can be found at the Colter Bay visitor Center year round. Find more information in the Park Newsletter.

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