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Moran Wyoming

Moran, Wyoming, is a small town near Grand Teton National Park offering a few amenities, activities and recreational opportunities for tourists and locals, as well as access to major trailheads. Read More

  • Moran, Wyoming, rests against the backdrop of the Grand Teton Mountains, nearly 7,000 feet above the valley, northeast of Jackson.
  • Well-known as the east entrance to Grand Teton National Park, the very small town of Moran sits at the junction of the road from Buffalo Valley and Togwotee Pass, and the inner and outer park roads.


Moran, Wyoming, also called Moran Junction, is a main passageway through central Wyoming and Grand Teton National Park, and is named for English artist, Thomas Moran, who explored the valley on a survey trip. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoying Grand Teton National Park often frequent Moran, well-know for its extremely cold winter weather. Moran is also a main fee collection entrances to Grand Teton National Park.


Moran rests against the backdrop of the Grand Teton Mountains, nearly 7,000 feet above the valley, northeast of Jackson. It is located at the western edge of the scenic Buffalo Valley and Togwotee Pass.


Moran, WY, offers some basic services and supplies to locals and visitors including a post office and elementary school. Local lodging in Buffalo Valley and at a few nearby ranches is available. The closest shopping opportunities and amenities are available at Signal Mountain Lodge and Jackson Lake Lodge in Grand Teton National Park. 


Well-known for numerous nearby trailheads, Moran is a popular base for locals or visitors wishing to hike or climb in Grand Teton National Park. The Two Ocean Lake trail offers scenic vistas and is enjoyed by those looking for a less visited hiking path. 


Nearby Oxbow Bend is one of the most photographed scenes in the park, overlooking a scenic flat water section of the Snake River with Mount Moran and the Grand Tetons standing tall in the background. It is often a primary location for spotting wildlife like moose.

Getting Here

Moran lies in Grand Teton National Park, northeast of Jackson, at U.S. intersection Routes 26, 89, 191, and 287. Togwotee Pass and Dubois lie to the east. Yellowstone National Park is to the north. Jackson, Wyoming is to the south.