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Astronomy Day

Event has passed. New dates will be added as soon as they are available.

August 10, 2019 - August 11, 2019

Join Grand Teton National Park rangers for a special day event known as Astronomy Day. Learn about light pollution, meteor showers, galaxies, star clusters and how to use telescopes. An afternoon of activities and an evening of stargazing in nature makes this a great family activity.

  • Held in late July or early August each year
  • Free for all ages
  • Cover topics such as the sun, the stars, galaxies, the moon and more

Overview: There is so much more to the sky than the sun, stars, and moon. Come learn about galaxies, meteor showers, light pollution, star clusters and shooting stars with the rangers in the park.  Focus on the sun by day with special telescopes and stargaze at night inside Grand Teton National Park. This ranger-led day of activities is for the astronomer of any age.

When: This event helps annual in late July or early August.

Where: Astronomy Day is held at the Colter Bay Visitor Center each year.

Fees: This is a free ranger-led day activity.

Details: Astronomy Day is held each year in cooperation with the Jackson Hole Stargazers club. this is a free, family-friendly activity for any stargazer.

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