Grand Teton National Park - Itinerary: 2-3 Days in Grand Teton Park (2-3 Days)


Itinerary: 2-3 Days in Grand Teton Park (2-3 Days)

We won't lie – seeing all of Grand Teton National Park in just one weekend is a tall order. But we understand that it can be hard to get away from ‘real life' for more than a few days, so here are a few of the highlights that will help you discover the Tetons. Fair warning, though, these few days might just leave you with a hungry hankering for more.

Lodging and Reservations

Summer weekends are peak visitor season for Grand Teton National Park, so plan and reserve your trip ahead of time. There are plenty of options for staying both in the Park and in nearby Jackson Hole.

Lodging in the Park
Nearby Lodging

Full Day Suggestions

Grand Teton National Park in ONLY One Day

You've only got one or two days, and you want to pack in as much as possible. Start your weekend off with this fun-filled day-long tour of some of Grand Teton National Park's best offerings.

Itinerary - Grand Teton Park in 1 Day

Scenic Boat Ride

It's your vacation, and you want to relax, right? Float down the river and put your feet up as the scenic Tetons flow by.

Book a Scenic Float Trip down the Snake River


If you want to spend your weekend really experiencing Grand Teton National Park, grab your tent, strap on a pack and hit the trails. There are numerous backpacking options throughout the Park, with two- and three-night trips aplenty. If you move fast, you can even tackle the entire Teton Crest Trail in three days.

Teton Crest Trail Details and Tips

If you'd rather move a bit slower, an easy overnight up Garnet Canyon will put you at the base of the South, Middle and Grand Tetons in one of the prettiest parts of the Park.

Garnet Canyon Hiking


With scenery like this and trout this beautiful biting, your day will be gone before you even know it. Fish Jackson Lake or the Jackson Lake Dam tailwaters by yourself or hire a guide and float the Snake River; solo or guided, you'll have a good time.

Fishing Guides

Sail Jackson Lake or Canoe Leigh Lake

If you have access to a sailboat, spending a day out on Jackson Lake is never a waste. Alternatively, rent a canoe and head to Leigh Lake.

Canoe and Boat Rentals


Hike to Amphitheater Lake

This 9-mile (round-trip) hike most of the way up Disappointment Peak is a popular route, especially if you leave earlier in the morning to beat the heat and crowds. At the end of the hike, you'll find Surprise and Amphitheater Lakes nestled in a small basin that's not even visible until you're practically on top of it. If you feel up to it, continue on up the trail to the top of Disappointment; the views of the Grand Teton and Jackson Hole Valley are completely uninterrupted.

Hike Cascade Canyon

Another Teton classic, take the ferry across Jenny Lake and hike your way up past Hidden Falls to Inspiration Point. If this view doesn't inspire you, we're not sure what will.

Enjoy a Picnic

The shore of String Lake is a great place for a picnic, and the cold water of String Lake makes for a great way to cool off on a warm, summer afternoon. Before or after lunch, take a hike around String Lake – it's an easy, 3.5 mile hike, but you'll pass plenty of swimming holes and good places to view wildlife.

Saddle Up

Take a half-day tour of Grand Teton National Park on horseback. You'll cover more ground than you would on foot and still have plenty of energy to enjoy the rest of your day.

Horseback Riding Outfitters

Under 1 Hour

Ride Big Red

Everyone should ride the Tram at Jackson Hole Resort at least once in their life, and since it's just next door to Grand Teton National Park, what better time? For just $25, you can ride over 4,000 feet up to the top of Rendezvous Peak in under 10 minutes. Once at the top, enjoy the view of the Snake River and the surrounding Tetons before munching on a fresh waffle from Corbets Cabin and either riding back down on the Tram or hiking down. Hiking up to the top of the Rendezvous from Granite Canyon and riding the Tram down to the base of the village is another popular option for those wishing to combine a hike with the Tram ride (and those who wish to save their knees for skiing).

Tour Mormon Row

This historic area of Grand Teton National Park is worth visiting during your weekend stay. The authentic cabins and barns were originally built by some of the first settlers in the area. In addition to being interesting to tour, these rustic buildings with the Tetons in back make for some phenomenal photo opportunities.

Drive up Signal Mountain

While you may not want to spend a lot of your brief visit in a car, the drive up Signal Mountain is worth allocating some time for. The winding road has a number of viewpoints, and at the top you'll be treated to a grand view of the Tetons (the Grand included).

Signal Mountain Road Directions

Catch the Sunset from Snake River Overlook

Enough said. The Snake River Overlook, toward the north end of Antelope Flats, is one of the prime spots in the park to watch the sun set over the Tetons.

Evening Entertainment

Country Swing at the Coach

After playing at the same spot on the same night at the time for over 40 years, you'd think that people wouldn't get so excited about listening to the Stagecoach Band every week. Think again – Sunday nights (6-10) are a guaranteed good time, and the local crowd always shows up for some good dancing and great music. Ladies be warned – you're likely to be swept off your feet for at least once dance. Come see what the fuss is all about at the Stagecoach Bar in Wilson, right at the base of Teton Pass.

Hoot on down at the Hootenanny

Whether you bring your guitar or not, this open-mic Monday event at Dornan's (located just south of Grand Teton National Park in Moose) is guaranteed to serve up some good local music. If you want to perform signups begin at 5pm, with music starting at 7pm.

Campfire Talks

If you feel like a bit quieter of a night and don't want to leave Grand Teton National Park, join a ranger-led informative talk. Topics cover a variety of topics; schedules can be found at Visitor Centers. Talks usually begin at 9pm at the Gros Ventre Amphitheater and run from early June through late August.

Park Newsletter - Find Ranger Programs and Campfire Talks

Get Your Grub

Hungry for something that wasn't cooked on a camp stove? Check out Jackson Hole's dining guide for a comprehensive list of dining options. Our advice? Pica's (located at 1160 Alpine Lane and in the Stagecoach Bar in Wilson) is always good for a quick burrito, and Cutty's (on the corner of Hwy-22 and Hwy-26, across from Albertsons) makes a mean gyro.

Jackson Hole Dining Guide

Jackson Hole Weekend Itinerary

Just south of Grand Teton National Park, take a look at this Suggested Itinerary for a Weekend in Jackson Wyoming.

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