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Signal Mountain Road

No driving tour through Grand Teton National Park is complete without a drive to the summit of Signal Mountain for sweeping vistas of the Teton Range and surrounding valley.


  • Signal Mountain Road is 5 miles long and RV’s and trailers are prohibited.
  • This road is closed during the winter months.
  • Get the best view of the Teton Range at the observation area at Signal Mountain summit.
  • Marvel at hillsides covered with wildflowers during the early summer months.


The scenic Signal Mountain Road is a five mile, 1,000 foot climb of switchbacks to an observation area at the top of Signal Mountain. Set far apart from the next highest mountain peak, Signal Mountain provides breathtaking views of the Tetons’ towering peaks, the flat glacial plains below, Jackson Lake and the Snake River beyond.

Driving Directions

From the entrance at Moose Junction, travel about 16 miles north on the Grand Teton Loop Road and take a right onto Signal Mountain Road. From the northern entrance to the park, travel approximately 8 miles on the Grand Teton Loop Road and take a left onto Signal Mountain Road.


Signal Mountain Road is 5 miles long and takes about 20 minutes to climb. Trailers and RV’s are prohibited from this narrow, scenic drive and it is closed to all traffic during the winter.


  • Bring a pair of binoculars to spot wildlife in the valley below as they congregate around one of the many glacial lakes that dot the region.
  • 1,000 feet from the road below, get elevated views of the entire 40 mile Grand Teton range.
  • During the early summer, bright wildflowers cover the hills below.