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While Yellowstone National Park is home to many natural hot springs, there are only a few areas where you can actually enjoy a soak in these warm waters. Find additional hot springs near Jackson, Wyoming.

  • The most popular Yellowstone hot springs include springs near or in the Boiling River, Firehole River, Madison River and West Thumb area
  • Great hot springs right outside Yellowstone include the John D. Rockefeller Parkway Hot Springs, just south of Yellowstone and Granite Hot Springs, just south of Jackson Hole. 

Granite Hot Springs - South of Jackson Hole

A developed pool can be enjoyed at the end of Granite Canyon south of Jackson. During the summer, drive the 11 miles out a dirt road to the hot springs and also enjoy a nearby campground and fishing along Granite Creek. In the winter, the only way to access the pool is via snowmobile, dog sled tour, a long cross country ski tour (roughly 4 hours round-trip), or even snow bike. It's a 3 to 4 hour round-trip excursion by skis or snow bike and rentals are available in the town of Jackson. You can join a snowmobile guided tour or bring your own sled. There is a fee ($6 for adults) for swimming in the main pool but it is rarely crowded. Facilities include a bathroom and changing room.

Camping is available from Memorial Day to late September. There are 51 sites for tents or camping trailers. Each site is first come first serve and a fee is required per site. You will find toilets and water as well.

Call 307-690-6323for details and hours.

Kelly Warm Springs - East of Grand Teton National Park

Kelly Warm Springs are located just outside of the town of Kelly along the Gros Ventre Road. With views out over Jackson Hole and towards the Grand Teton range, this is a lovely spot to soak in the warm waters.

Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is the most diverse in thermal activity, renowned for the world's largest and most spectacular display of geysers, hot springs, and stem vents. Yellowstone's most prominent geysers and hot springs are found in six areas: the Lower, Midway, and Upper geyser basins on the southwest side of the caldera; Norris Geyser Basin's Porcelain Basin; Mud Volcano in Hayden Valley; and Mammoth Hot Springs. Hot springs in the park are often too acidic, with temperatures exceeding 170 degrees Fahrenheit for recreation use.

There are, however, a couple area hot springs in Yellowstone National Park that are great for soaking or taking a dip.

  • Boiling River - most popular
    The Boiling River, in the northern part of the park around Mammoth Hot Springs, offers a large hot spring which enters the Gardner River. Boiling River is the most popular soaking area, with a 6-foot wide stream of hot water plunging over travertine rock.
  • Firehole River
    A designated area of the Firehole River, located in the Lower Geyser Basin, is open for swimming and enjoyment of its warm water.
  • Madison River
    Along the Madison River, a group of warm water seeps in a side channel, known as the Madison Campground Warm Springs.
  • West Thumb Area - day hikes
    Longer hikes to the hot springs offers two great possibilities, 8.5 miles to Dunanda Falls Hot Springs and 16 miles to Ferris Fork Pool. These hot springs are located around the West Thumb area, and their remote locations ensure you will have it all to yourself. Dunanda Falls Hot Springs offers a nostalgic setting amongst several small pools located below the 110-foot Dunanda Falls in the beautifully forested gorge. Ferris Fork Pool is considered the "ultimate in hot springs" with multiple rock pools of various temperatures.

John D. Rockefeller Parkway Hot Springs

In the John D. Rockefeller Parkway are two spectacular hot springs, just 2 miles south of Yellowstone National Park. Access from Flagg Ranch is opened year round, with skiing or snowshoeing access in the winter to Huckleberry and Polecat Hot Springs. These pools offer large groups of primitive log-and-rock hot springs in pristine mountain meadows. While soaking in these beautiful pools, you may be sharing the meadows with bison and other wildlife. These are a bit more difficult to find in the winter so make sure to ask for directions at a visitor center.

There is nothing quite as refreshing and relaxing as being out in the remote wilderness and soaking in a hot spring pool. If you are adventurous, head out for a great find in the natural wonders of western Wyoming. Enjoy the hot thermal features in these natural pools, cascading warm waterfalls and breathtaking scenery. Both primitive and commercial hot springs are available in the area, providing something for everyone.

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