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Sleigh Rides

With the snow covered Grand Tetons in the distance, dashing through the snow in a horse drawn sleigh is a magical experience.

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  • Half-hour to one-hour rides are offered, as well as combinations with dinner and entertainment.
  • Various outfitters and guides offer sleigh rides through out the area.
  • Dress for warmth because any ride in an open sleigh in winter is going to be cold.

Experience an old-fashioned horse drawn sleigh ride. Enjoy the magic of horse-drawn sleigh rides through winter wonderland! Beautiful, breathtaking scenery and wildlife viewing during half-hour to one-hour rides are offered, as well as combinations with dinner and entertainment.

Where to go Sleigh Riding
Various outfitters and guides offer sleigh rides through out the area. Some are close to the Park boundaries while others may be a bit further away.

Rentals & Fees
Unless you travel with a sleigh and a team of horses, it is necessary to make arrangements with one of the many providers in the area to enjoy this great winter activity.

A sleigh ride on the National Elk Refuge will cost approximately $23.00 for adults and $15.00 for kids. Sleigh rides that include dinner can range from $100.00 to $150.00 per person.

Hire a Guide
Hiring a guide or traveling with an outfitter is not only the “way to go” but also the “only way to go” for a horse drawn sleigh ride. Trained and experienced guides/drivers handle the horses and guide your sleigh to afford you with an experience of a lifetime.

Safety Precautions

Dress for the activity

  • Wear loose, lightweight, warm clothing in several layers. Outer garments should be tightly woven, water repellent and hooded.
  • Always wear a hat or cap on your head since half of your body heat could be lost through an uncovered head.
  • Cover your mouth with a scarf to protect your lungs from extreme cold
  • Mittens, snug at the wrist, are better than gloves because fingers maintain more warmth when they touch each other.

Follow the instructions of your driver at all times.