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Big Sky Montana

When traveling through the Jackson Hole area, you shouldn't miss stopping in Big Sky, Montana. All visitors really must make an effort to put this lovely town on their travel itinerary so they get the chance to experience the western flavor and beautiful scenery of such an incredible vacation destination.

You'll find something for the whole family in Big Sky, Montana, and you better not forget your camera. Visitors will discover wonderful alpine vistas, lots of activities and plenty of fascinating wildlife. As you travel through Big Sky, you'll get a taste of all the Old West has to offer. It's a travel destination that you simply should not pass up.

Summer is great for some exciting outdoor activity. Take a horse through the backcountry or go mountain biking along forested paths. Wintertime provides the ideal conditions for fabulous skiing, snowmobile adventures and snowboarding.

To get from Jackson Hole to Big Sky you will only have to travel for about 3 ½ hours. Get on US-26 and when you reach US-89, go left. (This is a toll road, so be prepared.) When reaching US-191, go left and continue to MT-64 and follow the signs to Big Sky, Montana.