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Salt Lake City Utah

Any Jackson Hole vacation must eventually lead you to Salt Lake City, Utah. Visitors to this area discover a fabulous city with tons of outdoor fun, and great attractions within the city itself. With the Wasatch Mountains and other wilderness lands close, you'll find all you need here.

You'll be amazed by the cleanliness and friendly folks in Salt Lake City, Utah, when you come here as a visitor. On any Yellowstone or Jackson Hole vacation, you shouldn't pass up the chance to see this city known as the Crossroads of the West.

What to do in Salt Lake City? If you love to play golf, you'll find some fabulous golf courses, and if you enjoy curling, try your hand at that. In September, there's the Greek Festival, or in summer months, they have a Farmer's Market downtown. Lots to do and see!

To get to Salt Lake City from Jackson Hole, it's almost five hours of driving but well worth it. Take US-26 to US-89, going left. When you come to ID-61, go left and get on WY-89, jogging a bit until you get to I-80 West. Merge onto I-15 and follow the signs to Salt Lake City.