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Bozeman Montana

For great travel adventures, you can choose to branch out from Jackson Hole and see other parts of the western scenes in nearby areas. Bozeman Montana is just one such destination, one you shouldn't miss. The visitors who take the opportunity to see Bozeman are always happy they came.

Add Bozeman, Montana to your Old West vacation itinerary. It's a perfect place to travel and visit when you are in the Jackson Hole area. With the great weather and the many recreational options here, you will be very glad you came.

As you see the rich farmlands and the surrounding wilderness areas, you will want to get out there and have some adventures, as all visitors do when they arrive. Take some backpacking trips in the Gallatin Mountains or hike the many trails. Of course, right in town there are many attractions, with historic sites abound. Include the famous Pioneer Museum as you tour the town.

Only a bit over four hours to Bozeman, Montana from Jackson Hole, it's easy to get there. First leave Jackson on US-26, going about 29 miles to US-89. Taking a left on 89, you go left on US-191, continuing to follow US-191 and US-20 to Bozeman.