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Cathedral Group

Rising above their surroundings, the pyramid peaks of the Cathedral Group of Grand Teton National Park contains most of the Teton Range’s tallest summits.

  • Located in the middle of Grand Teton National Park, the Cathedral Group is made up of eight of the ten tallest peaks in the Teton Range.
  • The Cathedral Group provides a variety of technical and non-technical climbing, hiking and ski mountaineering, as well as a stunning backdrop for photography.


Grand Teton National Park’s classic peaks are a must-see (in all truth, you’ll have a hard time not seeing these striking mountains, as they tower above their neighbors). Whether you hike to the base, climb to a summit or just sit back and enjoy them from afar, the Cathedral Group is a large (and tall) part of what makes Grand Teton National Park so special.

The Cathedral Group is comprised of the Grand Teton (elevation 13,770), Mount Owen (12,928), Middle Teton (12,804), South Teton (12,514), Teewinot Mountain (12,325), Teepee Pillar (12,266), Cloudveil Dome (12,026) and Buck Mountain (11,938).


The easiest way to view the Cathedral Group is to visit the Cathedral Group Turnout, just north of Jenny Lake. Take Teton Park Road north from Moose Junction and turn left at North Jenny Lake Junction.

The Cathedral Group itself is found in the middle of the Teton Range, isolated between Cascade and Death Canyons.


The Cathedral Group provides an arena for a variety of technical alpine climbing, with ascents and descents that range from straight-forward to complicated. Many of the peaks in the Cathedral Group can also be at least partially ascended just by hiking.

In the winter, Grand Teton National Park is a ski mountaineering dream, with numerous cirques, couloirs, open faces and winter summits waiting for the adventurous soul.


While Grand Teton National Park is open year-round, the park road closes north from the Taggart Lake Trailhead during the winter, making access to many of the peaks in the Cathedral Group more difficult. Many ski ascents are held off until late spring, when the road is open and a boat can be taken across Jackson Lake.