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The Grand Teton mountain range, located close to Jackson Hole in Wyoming, is famous for rock climbing and mountaineering. Climbers come from across the globe for the many opportunities to explore, including group climbs and guided tours.

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Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is just a quick drive from the stunning Grand Tetons, where some of the most exciting and sought after activities include mountaineering and rock climbing. The rugged landscape provides for some of the best experiences in the Tetons. However, experience is not always a necessity and many tours and guided activities are available, even for those who are just trying these activities for the first time.

Grand Teton is the crowning jewel that is set within Grand Teton National Park. It rises into the blue skies, some thirteen thousand feet high. In fact, there are more than fifty routes that are perfectly suited for mountaineering and rock climbing. With the help of guides, experienced climbers can reach for the top of the mountain.

It is important to note that climbing the Grand Teton requires some skill, especially if going to the top. Guides are highly recommended and tours allow for safer and more secure experiences, as well as a look at the history, geology, flora and fauna and even the wildlife.
Though the majority of climbers and mountaineers prefer to climb the Grand Teton from June to September, there are highly experienced ones who will tackle it during the winter months. It is highly recommended that climbers are tested by experts before attempting any climb. Classes are available locally that assess a climber's skill and physical ability to cope with the dangers, terrain and thinner air that can be found at much higher elevations.

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