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Jackson Lake Dam

Jackson Lake Dam in Grand Teton National Park was built in 1906 to provide water to farmers and ranchers in southern Idaho – 800 miles away.

  • Jackson Lake Dam is located 30 miles north of Jackson Wyoming in Grand Teton National Park.
  • The Dam was built at the mouth of the naturally formed Jackson Lake to increase the volume of water in the Lake.
  • There are many opportunities near the Dam for hiking, fishing, and wildlife viewing.

Jackson Lake Dam lies between Signal Mountain Lodge and the Jackson Lake Junction.

The lake is the remnant of large glacial gouging from the neighboring Teton Range, and is still fed by runoff from small glaciers near the peaks of those mountains. The main source of water is the Snake River, which flows in from the North.

Jackson Lake Dam is located 30 miles north of the town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and on the east side of Jackson Lake directly before Jackson Lake Lodge within the boundaries of Grand Teton National Park.

Many of the facilities of Grand Teton National Park are closed from mid-October to mid-May. However, the Dam never closes; it just may be rather difficult to get to depending on the road conditions during the winter.

Visitors to Jackson Lake Dam can park in a pull out area near the dam and then make their way across the dam and down to the Snake River.

There are many opportunities here for water sports on Jackson Lake, in addition to hiking, wildlife viewing, and fishing.

After checking out the dam, you may want to stop at Jackson Lake Lodge for lunch or dinner.

Additional Info.
Regardless of the dam, Jackson Lake is actually a natural one. Only the top 33 feet of water volume is due to Jackson Lake Dam.

A large glacier movement from the neighboring mountain range formed the lake originally, and it is still fed by the runoff of glacier melting.

At an elevation of over 6700 feet, Jackson Lake is 15 miles long and 7 miles wide, making it great for boating or fishing.

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