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Schwabacher Landing

Schwabacher’s Landing is the location that truly highlights the immense beauty of Grand Teton National Park.

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  • Schwabacher’s Landing is 16 miles north of Jackson just west of Highway 89.
  • The reflection of the Teton Mountains in the still, flat water of the Snake River is majestic, making this a prime spot for photos.
  • The view of the Tetons and the abundance of wildlife is extraordinary.

Schwabacher’s Landing is a spot on the Snake River, almost exactly east of Grand Teton, where the terrain flattens out and allows easy access to the river. There is a dirt road coming off the main highway and down to various trailheads.

This is a launch site on the River for anglers and river rafters and is one of America’s most spectacular viewpoints.

The trip to Schwabacher’s Landing is simple. If you’re leaving from Jackson Hole, go north on I-89 for about 16 miles. There’s a small gravel road on your left, where you’ll see a wooden sign: “Schwabacher’s Landing Road.” This road dead-ends in a gravel parking lot, and the trek to the famous vantage point is a stone’s throw from your car.

Summer and fall are the best seasons to visit. Inclement weather creates havoc with the gravel road the remainder of the year and can make the road impassable.

Schwabacher’s Landing is the prime photo opt spot in Grand Teton National Park. The reflection of the Teton Mountains in the still, flat water of the Snake River is majestic.

The flat terrain here also provides a natural launching site for river rafters and anglers.

The abundance of fresh water from the Snake River and the flat land grasses makes this a great place to do some wildlife watching.

There is a four-mile hiking trail that meanders along the banks of the Snake River past beaver dams and partially chewed trees. Throughout the hike are picturesque views of the Teton Mountains and their reflections in the water.

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A visit to Schwabacher’s Landing is a family friendly excursion. Pack a lunch and make a day of it.

The terrain is flat, the sites are fantastic and wildlife is abundant. You'll spot coyote, antelope and deer among the trees, and possibly see otter in the water and eagles soaring overhead.