Teton Science School, Jackson Hole WY


Teton Science School

Be sure to visit the Teton Science School when your vacation brings you to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. An internationally known school, Teton Science School has been a leader in educating students of all ages in the wonders of our natural world and much more. Check out their programs and other options. Read More

Teton Science School is a leader of education in the Jackson Hole community, but is known for excellence in Wyoming and even on international levels. Founded in 1967, Teton Science School has inspired and trained a multitude of students on the natural world.

Wildlife expeditions have been one of the greatest contributions of Teton Science School in this country and beyond. The whole idea is connecting folks to nature by observing wildlife and exploring natural history. Taking a Teton Science School Wildlife Expedition is an excursion in wildlife viewing and a real adventure for all ages. Vacationers bring the whole family to experience this unique vacation experience. Travel through Grand Teton National Park as well as Yellowstone on the Wolf and Bear Expedition to discover these fascinating animals in their natural habitat. There's something happening year round, and at economical prices. It's an exciting way to spend your getaway that you won't soon forget.