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Buffalo Valley

Buffalo River Valley Road in Grand Teton National Park is home to the famed Buffalo Valley Road, a scenic driving route that is highly recommended for anyone visiting the area. It attracts many thousands of visitors annually and is easy to access from the nearby highway.

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Scenic drives abound in the Grand Teton National Park area, including the much loved Buffalo Valley Road. This long stretch is just outside Moran and though it is not paved in all sections, it is a great route when searching for scenery off the main highway.

The drive follows along the Buffalo River, heading through to the Teton Wilderness and the park. Varied trailheads are found along the route, which stretches some fourteen miles. In fact, accessing the road is easy via the intersection with Highway 287.

The road is mainly gravel for the final four miles or so and is not cared for during the snowy months as it is not widely used. It does however have a main paved part that runs from just outside Moran to Turpin Meadows, making it a good route for viewing wildlife, wildflowers and taking hikes.