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Highway 191

The Grand Teton National Park is right on a main scenic drive along Highway 191, which heads through most of the major towns and villages before reaching the park. In fact, it is heavily travelled, but has access to varied amenities, facilities and things to do and see.

When searching for a scenic drive through the Grand Teton National Park and the local Jackson Hole area, Highway 191 is a major route that gives access to many towns and villages on the way. In fact, this busy stretch of road is one of the best ways to access varied park lakes, rivers and attractions.

Highway 191 follows the Snake River through Moran Junction and Jackson. It then diverts towards Jackson Lake to the famed Rockefeller Memorial Parkway. As it heads eastwards, it passes through Dubois, leading to the beautiful mountain pass of Togwotee, providing access to Jenny Lake. As it veers north, it crosses the Gros Ventre Valley, moving towards Antelope Flats and Moose Junction, which is located right within the Grand Teton National Park.

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