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Grand Teton Biking Routes

Mountain biking in the Grand Teton National Park and surrounding areas is a unique experience, with plenty of trails to choose from, sights to see and excitement to be had.

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  • Biking on the Grand Teton biking routes offers incredible scenery and lots of wildlife
  • Grand Teton National Park offers some incredible mountain and road biking
  • Biking along national park hiking trails is prohibited
  • Outside the park, many trails exist for all levels of ability
  • Bike rentals can be found all around the Jackson Hole and Grand Teton area


The summer in Grand Teton National Park and surrounding areas is a perfect time to take to the many biking routes available for regular cycling and mountain biking. The scenery is beyond compare, and the peace and solitude is something you just have to experience.

Where to go Biking in the Grand Teton Area

Grand Teton National Park is a great place to bike, with not only the towering mountains above you, but also the numerous trails and bike paths through the wilderness. Note that it is prohibited to ride bikes on all hiking trails within the park. Some of the popular routes are:

  • Two Ocean Lake Road
    This one is great for mountain biking, with three miles of dirt road along a scenic route of rolling terrain.
  • River Road
    This 15-mile gravel road goes along the Snake River where you’ll see lots of wildlife.
  • Grassy Lake Road
    Another mountain biking dirt road, you can ride all or just part of the 52-mile route from Flagg Ranch to Ashton, Idaho.
  • Multi-use Pathway
    Road biking is at its best here, on a paved path from Dornan’s to South Jenny Lake, paralleling Teton Park Road.

There are numerous choices outside of Grand Teton National Park, as well. Outside of Jackson you will find the famous Black Canyon Creek Trail, covering eleven miles of wonderful off-road cycling.

Just a few others outside the park include:

  • Warm River Rail-Trail / Mesa Falls Scenic Loop
    Here you’ll discover five miles of rail-trail, a little over three miles of double track and a bit over six miles of paved road. This scenic loop ride is almost 15 miles, right around the Warm River area and through Targhee National Forest.
  • Gros Ventre River Easy Out-and-back
    Taking this ride will bring you along the river and across a sagebrush prairie. Have a great time with some easy creek crossings and only 3.6 miles of peddling. Bridger-Teton National Forest will never look so beautiful until you see it on a mountain bike.
  • Snow King and Cache Creek Trails
    There is a maze of trails that begin at the Eastern edge of Jackson, Wyoming. It is best to either hire a guide or buy a local biking map from one of the local bike shops.
  • Teton Pass Trails
    A downhill and cross country mountain biking circuit has been in the works for a number of years. Many of these trails are designed for skilled mountain bikers only. Hire a guide or contact a local bike shop for recommendations.


Bicycle rentals are easy to come by in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Bikes can be rented in Moose, Jackson, Teton Village and other surrounding towns.

Hire a Guide

Getting a bike tour of the Jackson Hole area is the best way to learn all about the Grand Tetons and experience the best of views. Tours will take every ability level and usually provide everything you need. Browse the list of vendors to find one that fits your needs.

Safety Precautions

Here are some rules you should always follow when biking:

  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Only ride in single file.
  • Obey the rules of the road at all times.
  • Communicate with drivers by using hand signals.
  • When in Grand Teton National Park, you must obey the same rules and regulations as the motorized vehicles.