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Northern Tetons

Hiking the Northern Tetons area of the Grand Teton National Park is an adventure waiting to be experienced. It is a long hike, covering various trails, and not for the beginner or novice and requires some expert climbing skills as well as additional equipment for safety and survival. In fact, this hike is one of the most popular with the many thousands of hikers who visit the park each year. Read More

Hiking in Grand Teton National Park is not complete without a hike through the Northern Tetons area, along lengthy trails that are both challenging and inspiring. The hike is about twenty-seven miles long and covers canyons, summits, meadows, basins, steep ascents and steep descents.

The hike is considered one of the most difficult of all the trails in the Grand Teton National Park. Routes are not clearly marked and there is a twenty-five foot cliff to descend down. Most hikers take from two to four days to do the hike and climb, staying overnight in the backcountry campgrounds at Indian Lake, the Alaska Basin and the Death Canyon Shelf.

The trails lead to Open Canyon near Mount Hunt Divide, heading east toward the mountain's summit. It then veers west to the Indian Lake saddle, some ten thousand feet above the main trails. At this point climbing experience is mandatory and rappelling down the seventy foot cliff is the only way through. From there the trails head to Fox Creek Pass, across the Alaska Basin Shelf, up Static Peak and down into Death Canyon. The trailhead is located just outside Moose.