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Jackson Lake Area

The Jackson Lake Area of the Grand Teton National Park is a scenic area where numerous trails allow hikers of all levels to experience the great outdoors and see parts of the park that are reasonably remote, yet filled with adventure. All age groups can enjoy hiking this spectacular hike, choosing to do the basic route or trying various other loops.

For simplicity in hiking, the Grand Teton National Park has trails for hikers in the Jackson Lake Area that are easy to do and offer incredible experiences and views. Most hikers can handle the hike along these trails, opting for the regular loop or trying out various others nearby.

The Jackson Lake area has the main Jackson Lake Hiking Trail, which begins at Clear Lake and heads out towards the Jackson Lake, initially a roundtrip of about seven point five miles in length. However, hikers can choose to continue along a further three loops, ranging from two to seven miles in length.

The trailhead is reachable via the Clear Lake parking lot and in its full length, extends to the Jackson Lake Campground. It is a half-day hike that is easy, but hikers should still carry extra water, clothing and first aid kits in case of emergencies or sudden storms, especially during the summer months.