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Six park campgrounds are located conveniently within Grand Teton National Park. Outside of the park, a handful of national forest service campgrounds are available on a first come, first served basis. You can also find places to camp in Yellowstone, just north of the Tetons.

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Where can I camp within Grand Teton National Park?

The six campgrounds within the park are open for the summer months only. All but one (Headwaters RV Park) are available on a first come first served basis. More information on Grand Teton Park Campgrounds.

Where can I camp within Yellowstone National Park?

Twelve campgrounds are available within Yellowstone. All but one (Mammoth Hot Springs is open year-round) are open for the summer months only. A handful offer reservations while the remaining are first come first served. Lewis Lake and Grant Village Campgrounds are the closest campgrounds to Grand Teton Park. More information on Yellowstone Campgrounds.

Where else can I camp?

Bridger Teton National Forest
East of Grand Teton National Park, the Bridger Tetons have a few options for camping.

  • Curtis Canyon: This is the closest campground to Jackson but still a bit of a trek. It is first come, first served and costs $15/night. From Jackson, head east on Broadway to the Elk Refuge Road and turn left. Follow the dirt road 8 miles to the campground.
  • Granite Creek: South of Jackson and up Granite Canyon, this campground is far from town but right next to a developed hot spring. It costs $15/night and is available on a first come, first served basis. To get to the campground, drive south from Jackson for 12 miles and turn left onto 191/189 at Hoback Junction. Continue for 11 miles to Granite Creek Road and turn left. Follow for 8 miles to the campground and hot springs.
  • Atherton Creek Campground: Located along Lower Slide Lake, Atherton Creek is close to Grand Teton Park but still off the beaten path. It costs $15/night and is first come, first served. The campground is located 7 miles east of the town of Kelly. Just south of the airport, follow Gros Ventre Road to the east and follow signs to Slide Lake.

Targhee National Forest
This forest runs along the west side of the park. To access these campgrounds, you'll need to drive up and over Teton Pass into Teton Valley, Idaho. It's about an hour drive from the park.

  • Mike Harris: This campground is located right along the Teton Pass Road, just before you enter Victor, Idaho. It is open from May through September and costs $12/night. Make Reservations Online.
  • Teton Canyon: This lovely campground offers great access to hiking trails and to Grand Targhee Resort. It's a bit of a hike from Jackson and Grand Teton Park, but you'll really get a taste for Teton Valley, Idaho. $12-$24/night and open from May to September. Make Reservations Online.