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Amphitheatre Lake

Amphitheater Lake is located within the backcountry of Grand Teton National Park, providing one of the most challenging day hikes for hiking enthusiasts. The majority of the route to the lake is fairly flat, but as hikers near the lake, the real challenges begin, but the chance to see this isolated scenery is very rewarding.

To truly see the inner reaches of Grand Teton National Park, hikers opt to take day hikes into the wilderness, venturing out towards Amphitheater Lake. This lake offer four hiking routes, all of which offer varied challenges to hikers.

The hike to Amphitheater Lake is not for the beginner and the trail leading to it begins high up at the Lupine Meadows. The trail is fairly steep and there are some switchbacks. The almost five mile one-way route climbs some three thousand feet and it is possible to see varied wildlife whilst enjoying fresh mountain air. However, no climbing gear is necessary, though permits are mandatory.

Hikers can also use the same route to get to Lake Solitude, another nine miles away or loop around and stop at various points for scenery viewing or eating. However, hikers are cautioned because this is bear country, so knowledge of how to deal with bears and avoid them is essential.