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Bradley Lake

Grand Teton National Park has many beautiful lakes, some of which are easier to get to than others, and Bradley Lake is just one of these. In fact, many hikers and backpackers choose to go into the backcountry to reach these lakes, tackling challenging trails and braving the elements for the satisfaction of seeing some of the most amazing scenery.

Challenges abound in Grand Teton National Park, especially for backpackers and hikers, who enjoy the challenges posed by the many backcountry trails that lead to some of the park's most wonderful lakes. In fact, Bradley Lake is a destination that is favoured by many.

Bradley Lake is located about five miles away from the main park entrance. It is not easy to get to as the trail leading there is not very well marked and the route poses many challenges. Hikers need to face steep ascents and descents, some climbs and varied terrain that are home to different species of wildlife and face weather changes that are not always so favourable.

The trail leading to the lake is moderate with elevation changes rising only over three hundred feet, but because of the nature of the area, the route can take up to four hours for a roundtrip. In fact, all hikers must stop at the local visitor centers to get maps and register for a permit, as well as having sufficient gear for safety and backcountry survival.