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Gros Ventre River

The Grand Teton National Park is home to many rivers, including the Gros Ventre. It is a long stretch that runs many miles through the Teton Valley and offers some amazing recreation opportunities for young and old alike. In fact, there are many spots that are filled with whitewater, making it a boating experience that one cannot forget.

When looking for the beauty and natural wonders of Grand Teton National Park, the Gros Ventre River is one place that many thousands of visitors flock to. It runs its course through the park and the Teton Valley, providing activities and recreation that mainly focus on water sports.

The Gros Ventre has many spots for varied recreational activities. These include fishing, whitewater rafting, camping and kayaking. However, many locations along the river are fairly isolated and no substantial amenities or facilities are available to visitors, so this area is truly about entering the wilderness.

In the summer, the Gros Ventre is fairly warm and calm. Winters can be very rough with extreme changes in temperatures and weather. The spring is usually very busy for the river, when the run-offs swell its banks and increase its speed, making it particularly dangerous for boaters. However, the best month to visit the river is during July.

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