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Leigh Lake

At the base of Mt. Moran lies Leigh Lake, where one can experience a unique canoe backcountry camping experience, a short lakeside hike, fishing, and awe-inspiring views.

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  • Located at the base of Mt. Moran, Leigh Lake offers awe-inspiring views coupled with outdoor adventure.
  • Spend a night under the stars at one of Leigh Lake's canoe-only backcountry campsites.
  • Families can enjoy views of the Tetons after a one-mile hike across flat terrain to Leigh Lake's east side.


Although easily accessed by canoe, kayak, or foot, Leigh Lake has the feel of a backcountry lake. Not only can recreationists enjoy a unique camping experience or a fun day on the lake, but will also witness awe-inspiring vistas and sunsets.


Leigh Lake lies southeast of Mt. Moran in Grand Teton National Park. The Leigh and String Lakes Trailhead is located along the scenic String Lake-Jenny Lake drive, off of the inner Teton Park Road.  From the trailhead, Leigh Lake is easily accessed by a one-mile hiking trail over flat terrain.  Those in canoes or kayaks reach Leigh Lake after paddling String Lake and a brief portage.


The inner Teton Park road is closed from November through mid-May, therefore limiting access to Leigh Lake in the winter.  Camping, canoeing and kayaking are best enjoyed during the summer months and early fall.


Without question, THE highlight of Leigh Lake is canoe camping at the base of Mt. Moran. Enjoy the comforts associated with car camping at an isolated campsite at the base of one of most spectacular Teton peaks.  If your schedule doesn't permit an overnight trip, many visitors still enjoy sweeping views of the Tetons by boat or a quick hike.

Canoeing and Kayaking
Boat access is limited to non-motorized watercraft such as canoes and kayaks.  This makes Leigh Lake a perfect destination for canoeing, kayaking, and camping.  To reach Leigh Lake via canoe or kayak, there is a short portal at the north end of String Lake.  Rentals are available in the town of Jackson, as well as Jenny Lake. 

There are no developed campgrounds along Leigh Lake, the closest one being the Jenny Lake campground.  However, backcountry campsites are accessible by both hiking and canoe. Campsites accessed by canoe/kayak only are located on the west side of lake, while the eastern campsites, including a group site, can be accessed by an easy hike.

Additional Information

Permits are required for fishing and private canoes.  Both can be obtained at visitor centers throughout Grand Teton National Park.