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Emma Matilda Lake

Emma Matilda Lake is situated in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. It is a smaller lake, but attracts many hikers and backpackers who enjoy the trails into the area, as well as varied opportunities to connect with other trails or set up camp by the lake's four kilometer shoreline. Read More

Backpackers and hikers alike enjoy the beauty of Grand Teton National Park, especially its many lakes. In fact, the Emma Matilda Lake is one such lake that attracts thousands of eager wilderness lovers, with many trails that lead towards it, and plenty of space to enjoy its four kilometre stretch of tranquil shores.

The lake was named in honour of William Owen's wife; he was once of three climbers who first did the ascent of Grand Teton peak's summit in the late 19th century. The hike in for many is a walk through history, a trip that begins at the Jackson Lake Lodge and circles around the Emma Matilda Lake, offering picturesque landscapes, fresh air and complete peace and solitude.