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Marion Lake

Marion Lake is located within Grand Teton National Park, offering true alpine wilderness areas that are best suited for the more experienced climbers, hikers and backpackers. In fact, the hike to the lake takes a full day and backcountry permits are mandatory.

For the more skilful backpackers, hikers and climbers, the route to the Grand Teton National Park's Marion Lake is rewarding. The route in takes a full day, providing challenges and unique scenery that many visitors cannot resist.

Marion Lake is located close to Granit Canyon, twelve hours hike from the main park entrance. It is situated some almost three thousand feet above the local valley, requiring a strenuous hike of about twenty miles (roundtrip). In fact, the trail that leads to it follows the Granite Creek, heading into subalpine, flower-filled meadows, reaching up to the lake itself. However, due to its location, backcountry permits are mandatory for all visitors and survival gear is necessary due to the everchanging weather conditions.