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Taggart Lake

Taggart Lake is situated in Grand Teton National Park, offering good access to the local mountains and Avalanche Canyon. In fact, many hikers and backpackers find the route in along the local trail to be very rewarding, providing an easy and pleasant hike that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Grand Teton National Park has varied lakes, some of which are easy to reach and fun for all ages. One such lake includes Taggart Lake, a small lake that is the gateway to Avalanche Canyon. It is easily reached via the Taggart Lake Trail, an approximately three mile hike that rises up some six thousand feet, providing incredible adventures.

The hike to Taggart Lake takes about two hours and is best done from May to September. The trailhead is reached by heading along the Teton Park Road, northwards out of Moose. Then hikers head down into Garnet Canyon and travel a short distance through the canyon base before reaching the lake.

Though camping is not allowed around the lake, short stays are allowed. However, backcountry permits are required, as well as preparing for unforeseen circumstances by taking survival gear and first aid kits.